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Got a story to tell about health claims?

Want to share your knowledge of CMS-1500, UB-04 and/or ADA Dental Claim forms? Receive worldwide recognition and fame!

We want our customers to be well-informed, and hope to provide a value added service to our existing customers by reaching out to community members who can provide insight from their education and real work efforts in this area of health claims.

At MedClaimSoftware.com, you can submit your articles for publication on our website to reach thousands of visitors eager to find free, informative articles on taxes, information returns, and payroll.

1. Free advertising:

You can submit an article for anonymous publication. We can also link back to your site. This is free advertising for your site. The article will also most likely be read by people interested in the topic of the article therefore people most likely to use the services which your business offers.

2. Boost Your Personal and Business Credibility:

Publishing your articles on MedClaimSoftware.com boosts your credibility and begins the trust cycle with your readership. For many authors, being listed with MedClaimSoftware.com is an excellent way to get started.

How Do I Submit my Articles to MedClaimSoftware.com?

Simply email your article to

support@medclaimsoftware.com. Remember to include a URL link that will be displayed with your biography.

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