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Common questions with answers are posted below.


The setup files are corrupted.
What does "Not a Valid Win 32 application" mean?
What does "Publisher could not be verified" mean?
"The requested operation requires elevation" (VISTA)
Transfer License


How do I register the software?
How does this software work?
What is live update?
I can't see the whole screen.  How can I change the screen resolution?


How can I convert a form to PDF?


How can I align the data when printing on top of red-ink copy?
Saving and Retrieving Data

How can I save and retrieve data?

  1. How can I save and retrieve data?


The text on the screen is not aligned with the edit boxes and appears jumbled.  How can I align the text with the edit boxes?

This is a very easy solution.  You just need to change the DPI setting to 96 DPI. Step-by-step explanations are provided below:
   - Change DPI Settings XP

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