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Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal links help promote our web site which in turn helps us maintain high search engine rankings. Our rules for the exchange are:
  • Supply your text and images to us in HTML format. We will not host images on our web site so links should be to image files on your site.

  • NO pornography, hate messages.

  • We reserve the right to correct spelling errors, inaccuracies and HTML code tags/structure.

  • NO affiliate only sites. Your site must have some unique content and provide some benefit to the visitor. The link to your site cannot be to a redirect page.

  • We will only post one solo page per URL (domain name). We will not post multiple pages for the same domain. (Your HTML code may link to multiple pages on your site, but we recommend just linking to one page or just your home page.)

  • The HTML code should not be unreasonable in size. The "normal" amount for a regular readable web page.

To exchange links, post the following link to your web site:

CMS 1500 Software
is dedicated to providing feature-rich CMS-1500 and UB-04 Software. File health claims the quick and easy way!

Then send an email to with your link information.

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