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Clearing House - MD On-Line's WebLink Solution

Why Use MDOL'S WebLink?

Intuitive and easy-to-use, WebLink allows user to submit to, and receive compliant transactions from, over 2,200 insurance companies simply by uploading files created by MedClaimSoftware to the secure MDOL Web portal.

  • Electronic claims submission to a network of over 2,200 payers

  • Provider Revenue Center: expanded claim statistics/financial analysis

  • Patient Search: locate all claims for any patient with a single click

  • Instinctive Data: advanced targeting, expanded features, increased paid survey opportunities

  • Additional EDI solutions: electronic remittance advice, real-time eligibility, patient statements, patient reminders, and credit card processing

  • Multiple levels of claim edits to reduce rejections and speed up reimbursement

  • Compatibility with 837, Print Image, and National Standard Format (NSF) formats

All electronic transactions are fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines, and MDOL performs automatic daily backup of all claim files.  Clients also have the option of secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for uploading EDI files directly to MDOL.

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